Beauregard school officials respond to student reports of hit list

Beauregard Parish School Board responds to student reports of a hit list

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - The word spread at DeRidder Junior High School before the weekend and it wasn't good.

"Some students came in to report to the principal," said Superintendent Timothy Cooley. "That there was a possible list of names by a student and the possibility that there could be a weapon brought to school."

Cooley said he heard about the reports and took immediate action. The report was dealt with by the school's administration with the help of the Beauregard Parish Sheriff's School Resource Officer as well as DeRidder City Police. Students and parents were the first to be informed.

"We processed a statement," said Cooley. "Which we could send to parents to alert them. At that point in time, we found there would be no reason for there to be no school on Monday."

So who was responsible? The student behind the reports, whose name was not authorized to be released by the Beauregard Parish School Board, was questioned and parental contact was made.

After the school went through its standard discipline procedures, the allegation that a list of names existed was unsubstantiated. But that didn't stop the School Board from taking extra measures.

Cooley said there was additional security during morning drop offs and several students were absent. He wants to assure that school is safe.

DeRidder City Police Chief John Gott said the incident was in no way a threat to the school. DeRidder Junior High School continued its normal school day with the help of school officers, Cooley said incidents like this can be handled.

"It's not something we had to deal with very often and we pray that we don't have to deal with it too often in the future," Cooley said.

The Beauregard Parish School Board says the safety of their students is of paramount importance.

Cooley appreciates the immediate action taken by the school officials and law enforcement to ensure the overall safety of students and employees at DeRidder Junior High.

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