Geaux Lite: free challenge for Louisianans to drop 200 tons

Geaux Lite: free challenge for Louisianans to drop 200 tons

Louisiana is one of the fattest states in the country, with one in three adults not just weighing in as overweight, but as obese. A free six month health competition called "Geaux Lite" has been launched for all Louisianans to try to help the state drop 200 tons!

Every person in Louisiana outside of his or her ideal weight range is being challenged to weigh in and commit to helping the state drop 400,000 pounds in six months. "In six months, you can see those benefits and really find out what works over a long period of time and have real change," said Spring Guillory-Lane, a nurse at Women & Children's Hospital in Lake Charles, as well as a Geaux Lite team leader.

Guillory-Lane and co-worker, Deidre Ardoin, see the life-altering effects of obesity with the patients they treat at the hospital. "We're seeing an increased population, especially in the older population of people who are needing joint replacements due to obesity, needing a knee replacement, a hip replacement, which is a debilitating injury for most people," said Ardoin, "and many needing help with mobility devices."

Add in the number of Louisianans with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and the obesity problem hits epidemic proportions.

That is why the Louisiana Hospital Association launched the "Geaux Lite challenge, running from October 1st-April 1st to push 100+ hospitals and their communities to shed the pounds. "We do weekly weigh-ins and we're giving information, tools that they can have to really succeed," said Guillory-Lane.

You can enroll at any time with your community hospital. When you begin, a before picture will be taken and you will be tracked along with other state participants every week on a confidential website. "There's actually a dashboard for each hospital site to log in and log those weights," said Guillory-Lane, "we only have two people that enter data here, so those weights are very confidential."

Weekly weigh-ins happen through the last week in March, then you will get a final picture and weigh in for a final time.

The biggest loser at each hospital gets $500. The state will also pick four grand prize winners who will get $1,000 each.

You can register to be a part of the Geaux Lite challenge at the closest hospital to you. There are more than 100 participating, including those across our five parish area. Click here to join the challenge.

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