Healthy snacks fill John F. Kennedy Elementary's cafeteria

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - John F. Kennedy Elementary is skipping the cookies and taking on more nutritious snacks.

"Now, we're all doing something different and I'm so excited about it, because anything that's going to promote healthiness with our children, we love it," said Principal Dinah Robinson.

After two years of applying, the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program is making its way to the school.

The concept is healthy and simple: Eat lunch, then grab a sample of fruits and vegetables.

The elementary is the only school in Calcasieu with the program.

The goal is to educate students on eating healthier snacks and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat.

"A lot of things they may not be used to, but they're excited about trying something new," said Robinson.

And school officials said the program gains support from not just students and educators.

"Parents are excited about this because it gives their children an opportunity to try new fruits and vegetables in the school that perhaps they couldn't have at home," said Cafeteria Manager Linda Doucet.

And while eating healthy at school is a plus, school officials said a lot of concern comes from what students eat outside of school.

"Hopefully, they'll take it out to the home, beg for it at home, so mom can go to the store and get the same thing," said Robinson.

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