Group raises awareness with 'Hate Violence' event

Group raises awareness with 'Hate Violence' event

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Crowds of supporters showed up at Lock Park on Saturday to put an end to violence.

"This is for all violence, for domestic violence, physical violence, even verbal violence, because all types affect people in various ways," said Emerald Guidry.

It's called the "Hate Violence Movement."

Organizers said cruelty continues to rise in the community.

The purpose of the movement is to increase awareness and decrease violence.

The other goal is to reduce violence for youth with the help of extracurricular activities, like the arts.

Southwest Louisiana also topped the list for deaths related to domestic violence a few years back.

"Two years ago, Calcasieu parish ranked first for people killed due to domestic violence," said Rosa Alfred, Community Educator for Oasis. "We had 11 deaths that year, we ranked first in the state."

Many were there to support loved ones. For others, the movement hit close to home.

"I've been thrown into lockers, I've been called everything under the sun, but I've learned it's not what they call you, it's what you answer to," said Joel Jacob.

Though a small group of people, they're proving change has to start somewhere.

"As the city grows, violence grows, so we want to try and put a stop to it now instead of it growing and getting out of hand," said Guidry.

The City of Lake Charles also recognized the group's efforts by proclaiming Saturday as "Hate Violence Movement" day.

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