Calcasieu Parish ranks 14th in state school performance

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CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The scores are in, but where does Calcasieu Parish stand?

Letter grades are not new, but the grading scale is.

"The state makes it pretty clear that this is going to be a better way to measure kids if you're thinking typically of what an A through F would look like on a school report card for your child," said Judy Vail, Accountability Coordinator for Calcasieu Parish School Board.

Calcasieu Parish ranks 14th out of 74 districts.

"Calcasieu, this year, we are a high B with the new grading system," said Vail. "When you look at it last year, we were at an average to a low B."

School board officials said more schools this year moved out of the C range and into the B range.

Last year, three schools were failing schools, but this only one is failing.

"When you look at it parishwide and school-by-school, we're very pleased," said Kirby Smith, Public Information Officer for Calcasieu Parish School Board. "We're pleased with the direction we're heading."

With the new state scoring system, high school is harder to compare to last year's schools. Previously, two components decided if a high school made the grade, now that's doubled to four components.

"In high school, it's broken down into the ACT test, the end of course test, the graduation rate and the graduation index," said Vail.

But even with a new way to grade, Southwest Louisiana made the A/B honor roll.

Vernon Parish ranked the highest with an A letter grade.

Calcasieu Parish came next.

Cameron, Jeff Davis, Beauregard and Allen parishes ranked in the middle to low B range.

"It's unrealistic to think we can all be perfect, but we're really pleased to see the trend moving up," said Smith. "That's a big plus for us."

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