'Huddle Up 4 Cancer' helps mother see son play football

For Peggy Prescott, one of her greatest joys in life is traveling to watch her son, Mississippi State Quarterback Dak Prescott, play football. That simple task is hard now, as she battles terminal cancer.

It's hard enough to pay for medical expenses and travel, but it's even harder to be accommodated in a comfortable way while being so sick.

So her brother, Phillip Ebarb, decided to call his own play: he created Huddle Up 4 Cancer, a benefit for Peggy in their hometown of Vinton.

All proceeds will go to Peggy to help her travel comfortably. This is only step one of a bigger dream: to make it an organization that helps other families with similar problems

For now, the goal is simple and clear: to help Peggy and Dak continue to see their shared dream.

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