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East Texas church sharing faith through Hell House ministry

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Wednesday visitors walked into Clawson Assembly of God and took a step into Hell House.

"It exposes the way we have demonic forces behind things that are in everyday life in today's culture," said Emily Avriett, Hell House Demon.

Volunteers say the event is much more than a haunted house and the theatrical outreach takes visitors on a journey through the consequences of sinful choices.

Bullying, abortion and homosexuality are just a few of the scenes crowds walked through on opening night.

"The world has changed, like done a 180 turn and we're just showing how our consequences and our choices are mixing and it's not very good," said Jennifer May, Hell House Volunteer.

This is the 9th year that Clawson has hosted Hell House and each year has a different theme.          

 This year they hope to expose the darkness and focus on issues that teens and young adults may be struggling with.

"Human trafficking is not fake, its real and its close, or kids are being bullied because they aren't just like someone else," said May.

While many of the scenes include demons the ultimate goal of the ministry is to spread a message of faith.

"It's dark and all that but it's not to scare you, that not our goal to scare people out of hell. Our goal is to show people real life situations, consequences and give them the gospel," said Lane'e Cox, Youth Pastor.

 At the end of the tour visitors can learn more about God and have the opportunity to pray.        

Volunteers say after walking through darkness they hope to show visitors the light and leave filled with hope.

"That what we're hoping for is lives changed and hearts touched," said May.

Hell house continues at Clawson Assembly of God Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then again next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tickets are eight dollars and for more information visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hell-House-180/466010620163173

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