New field house for Sam Houston High School delayed

New field house for Sam Houston High School delayed

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Sam Houston's High School football coach Vaughn Eggleston says they're excited for the new field house.

"It will be something new that will replace our outdated facility. Also, it's an increase in weight room size and training room size. And the location will be a little closer to the game field, along with the practice facilities," said Eggleston.

But the opening of the field house has been delayed.

On Tuesday, the Calcasieu Parish School Board voted to terminate a contract with Troy Andrew Frick – the contractor working on the new field house.

Superintendent Wayne Savoy said the reason was because he, "basically walked away from the job."

Karl Bruchhaus, the Chief Financial Officer added, "We have sent him a notice by mail that they've signed for that this was going to take place, with really no response on his part and no agreement to meet and discuss the issues."

But the contractor says that's not true. They issued this statement Wednesday:

"We did not walk away from the job. All bills are paid. We made a decision to step back from this job because we're involved in litigation against our bond company through our attorney, which would have hindered the field house completion time. But we have been in touch with Architect David Moss and are working to have a smooth transition."

The original contract amount was about $1.8 million; so far $1.2 million has been paid out.

"We were paying assurity from the beginning. We were never paying the contractor. We were paying assurity because of a situation with a prior issue," said Bruchhaus.

Right now, education officials say there's no new estimated completion date but one will be determined as the process of replacing the contractor moves forward, which means no new field house for football seniors.

"We're trying to be patient for it to be completed but it's going to be very nice," said Coach Eggleston.

Education officials say a bonding company is involved, as with all construction projects.

And when the board approved the resolution to terminate the contractor's contract, members also authorized the superintendent to do what's necessary to get the job done as close to contract terms and within the time stated in the contract, as possible.

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