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Quarterback block draws praise from teammates


In many cases, the quarterback is the star of the team.  The offensive lineman do all the dirty work trying to keep the offensive leader off the turf.

That all changed Friday night when Chapel Hill quarterback Andrew Black didn't just make a block, he cleared the way for a Jeffrey Minor touchdown run in the Bulldogs big win over Bullard.

"It was amazing and surprising," Minor said of the block.  "We watched it over and over again. It was just a great play."

Black doesn't view himself as a quarterback.  He's just a football player.  Black believes his big hit motivated the rest of the team.

"Everyone was congratulating me," Black said.  "It took me a while to get some water because everyone was congratulating me and shaking my hand. I understand how the other guys feel if I'm running and they're blocking. To make a big block that makes a big play that's just like you're scoring the touchdown. It feel just as good."

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