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LISD will continue teacher, staff bonus program

Kathy Rollo Kathy Rollo

For the third straight year LISD teachers and staff will receive monetary benefits for student progress.

The LISD school board voted Tuesday and decided that despite a lack of federal funding, the E3 program will continue.

E3 is a program that provides money to teachers with students who excel based on classroom performance.

LISD has used DATE, District Awards for Teachers Excellence, funding to offer the financial incentives for the past two years.

But after the grant was not renewed this year the school board decided to pull money from local funding.

Kathy Rollo said these awards are created to offer fair and equal benefits to teachers by comparing schools with equal or similar demographics.

"It's a way to give hope to teachers in schools who have low achievement and high poverty," said Rollo.

Rollo compares the idea of value added to a racetrack.

Teachers are expected to take students from the starting line to the finish line, an entire lap around a track but when students complete one lap and then some, Rollo said it's then that teachers deserve recognition.

One of the many teachers rewarded by the e3 program is Carlene Minnie, a 5th grade science teacher at Maedger Elementary.

"It makes me want to keep trying when I've had those days when I feel I'm not getting anywhere I have to change and adapt things in order to achieve success." Minnie said.

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