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Upset ex fires gun into the air in Kilgore, ends up in jail

The scene Tuesday night near Kilgore College The scene Tuesday night near Kilgore College
Kevin Philip Simon (Source: Kilgore PD) Kevin Philip Simon (Source: Kilgore PD)

An East Texas man was arrested for discharging a weapon near the Kilgore College campus Tuesday night.

According to the Kilgore Police Department, 19-year-old Kevin Philip Simon of Kountze was driving down Houston Street when he fired his weapon into the air multiple times after getting upset about a recent break-up with his girlfriend, and then fled the scene. Witnesses said they heard at least six gunshots. The shots were shot into the air, not at a person or object, police say.

The assistant manager of the Whataburger working when the incident took place says six units responded and then surrounded Simon.

"The cops wrestled him to the ground and it looked like he had a tire blown out on his truck," Justin Hughes said.

Police officers had located the white Dodge pickup, which did have two blown tires, shortly after the shots were fired. Kilgore police said they believe those two blown tires were the result of Simon hitting a curb, adding that they did not shoot at his vehicle, nor did they use spike strips on his tires.

Two men were taken into custody after the incident but only Simon was officially arrested.

Simon originally told police that he was involved in a vehicle chase but that report proved to be false.

He was taken to the Kilgore Municipal Jail.

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