Green light given on dredging for Port of LC

Good Wednesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at today's top stories:

*The Port of Lake Charles greenlights a dredging project.  Key waterways need dredging at the port or ships will not be able to carry a full payload.  We'll take you inside last night's emergency meeting on this problem.

*More options for the shoppers who walk through the doors of Prien Lake Mall every year.  Within the last year, a dozen stores have opened up shop in the mall.  What's behind the surge?  Hear from the mall staff about what is leading to this growth and the outlook for the future of the mall.

*The website at the forefront of the Affordable Care Act has the Obama administration doing damage control.  We'll find out where that stands today and why more people are demanding that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius step down from her job.

*Legendary local pirate Jean Lafitte is the subject of a three-part learning series at a local library.  You'll hear what's in store and how you can take part.

*A restaurant in Minden comes under fire over a racially insensitive comment on a receipt.  Find out what led to the firing of an employee.

Make it a Sunrise day!