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Michael Breaux: Marching To Success

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Michael Breaux is a junior right tackle for Sulphur, with a love for the game and toughness of football.
I just like to challenge myself and do what other think is impossible. I like to prove other people wrong. And show them that I can do it, that nothing is impossible.
  You can absolutely see that he is out there everyday, and that he does have a passion for football and when you see someone that has a passion for things, you tend to help them out more. And Michael is one of those special guys.

But the long hours involving practice and games doesn't seem to faze him too much

On Thursdays, since I'm a junior, I'm on JV, and we have games on Thursdays. so I'm at school from 6 o'clock in the morning, I get home at 8. And then on Fridays we get home at like 10. 

But his passion doesn't just stop at football. Instead of going inside for meetings, you'll see him out here at halftime playing tuba in the band.

They came to Louis and were going to tell us what our schedule was. I told them that I wanted to do band and football. They told me it was like impossible, and I was like well nothing is impossible I'm going to try it.
Michael has a real passion for music, he is trying to add to what he is doing, as if marching band and football was not enough for him. These two commitments conflict more that you think.

I wasn't really in the spring game because I couldn't do anything with spring training. so I basically just sat there for football. 

But Michael's band director and coaches help him work it out

Usually the coach will call me up and say alright we're gonna have camp these day, and we need him these days, and I said okay well if it works out I can have him these two and you can have him those two, and it will work out fine.

He has a passion for different things and I think as educators we are supposed to work with those guys you know.

As for next year? We'll just have to wait and see.


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