Technology, medicine focus of SEED Center conference

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Technology and medicine are intertwined, but helping doctors concentrate more on patient care and less on computers was the goal of a conference on Tuesday morning at the SEED Center in Lake Charles.

The developer of the "Better Day" health platform, Dr. Peter Ragusa, shared the new information technology to attendees at the Southwest Louisiana Chamber event.

The system links doctors directly to hospitals so that physicians can spend more time with the patient. Ragusa explained how it works.

"And this is nice because what it actually enables us to do is to connect to the community. We can then go to West Cal Cam and St. Pat's and some of these other hospitals, and have our surgical documentation tool that is coming, feed those surgical documentation back into those systems. Gives patients and providers more face-to-face time, minimizes the provider's time at the computer, and then take the computer out from in between patient and provider, during the clinical encounter. So, we reduce the time for documentation between 8 to 12 minutes, to under one minute per encounter," said Ragusa.

Ragusa also said the system is a web-based health maintenance platform.

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