Health Cooperative gives LA more healthcare options

New insurance option for Louisiana

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Affordable Care Act is changing how insurance companies do business and that includes here in Southwest Louisiana. That's where the Louisiana Health Cooperative comes in.

Anthony Cimino, director, member Group of LA. Health Co-op explains, "Affordable Care Act provided for loans to be available to non-profit organizations throughout the country that were interested in starting a healthcare cooperative, which is an insurance company."

But this new insurance company is operating with the new guidelines set by the Affordable Care Act which means that people can no longer be turned away by having a pre-existing condition.

CEO Greg Cromer believes that with the Louisiana Health Co-op in place that it can give people more options.

"Our primary goal is to give folks a choice or options and to provide - stimulate competition in the marketplace and hopefully that will drive to better health outcomes at an affordable price," Cromer said.

In addition to being the CEO, Cromer also serves as a Louisiana state representative and he believes that from a business stand point new competition can only benefit health insurance.

"As a state legislator and the chairman of the House Insurance Committee, anything that anybody does that stimulates competition, stimulates additional opportunities for consumers in the marketplace. Competition will drive the providers and the insurers to do the best job they possibly can, it'll also drive cost we hope in a positive direction. If it doesn't drive it down it will at least stabilize cost."

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