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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Oct. 21st-Viewer Feedback: EBT Glitch

I received a lot of feedback this week to my editorial on the spending spree at two Louisiana Walmarts.

It happened when the computer that keeps track of limits on food stamp cards stopped working. Because of the computer glitch, the food stamp credit cards showed no limits to the amount people could charge on them.

As a result, dozens of EBT card holders filled up shopping carts stripping the shelves clean.

Many of the comments were like this:

"When someone has been given something for nothing and they have become used to this, they do not appreciate the help. What happened at Walmart is no different from the looting in New Orleans after Katrina."

Another viewer wrote, "They should all have to pay it back. They stole from store and system."

But I also heard from someone who relies on the food stamp program.

From James, East Texas: I am a sole provider for my wife and three boys, all under three. We are on food stamps and for people to take advantage of a program that we depend on and can't get now is disgusting. We hardly have any food until the weather clears for me go back to work. It's hard living check to check and can't get the help the family needs because other take advantage of it. Thank you and God bless.

As always, thank you for your comments.

I'm James Smith.

More viewer comments:

From Ret. USAF Cpt. Alvin Scott: I have never been a fan of the food stamp program.  What happened in Mansfield and Springhill should have sent strong signals to the administrators of this giveaway program. It should be revamped. I see too many able-bodied people abusing the system. At this point,  I feel everyone should be requalified and approved on a quarterly basis.  I have no problem feeding the elderly who worked for a living prior to receiving food stamps, but if you have never contributed to the system, you should not receive food stamps.  The police should also enforce the selling of food stamp benefits. Too many people are buying these stamps for exchange of money and that should stop immediately.  I do not like feeding people who can earn a living. If they cannot earn a living, that is not my fault. They should have stayed in school and became productive citizens. It is disgusting to see able-bodied people at stores all day using food stamps while I am at work. Additionally, a drug testing program should be in place for all people receiving these stamps. If I have to submit to a drug test while I work every day, they should too, since they are receiving my money to buy food.  Don't misinterpret this message.  I have no problems helping people who need help on a TEMPORARY basis, but not their entire life. It is a result of babies having babies.





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