Nina P's moves forward after fire

Nina P's update

Family owned and operated, Nina P's took a big blow when part the restaurant's dining area caught fire this week.

Customers and employees were forced to get out of the restaurant when the fire broke out as they feared for their safety and now, employees are trying to figure out their next move.

Nina P's employee Fallon Witherwax said, "We have over 31 employees here, they all depend in some way shape or form. We have just the college girls who have their small amount of bills, we have people who all the way up to just purchased houses, just purchased cars, purchased trailers and some of them completely depend on this job for them and their full family. Some of them, you know, it's getting them through college."

Now that some time has passed, the family seems to be better spirits.

Owner Paulina Siebarth said, "Well, we are feeling better today. Yesterday was just like a nightmare, it was ... like it couldn't even be real. Just sitting watching the flames was almost more than we could take, but thank God, you know, everybody came out and was real supportive and last night, we got some sleep and today has been better we've just been working all day. "

Nina P's now begins the rebuilding process as employees are getting a helping hand from the community.

Nina P's family member Tiffany Ashley said, "People have been wonderful. We are overwhelmed and we're so thankful for this community, we really are."

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