Budget Surplus

Hello everyone. This is Cynthia Arceneaux from the KPLC newsroom. Finally a bit of good news for state lawmakers who have grappled with years of continuing budget cuts. The Jindal administration is reporting the state has an estimated $163 million left over from last year. The news was delivered Friday to the Legislature's joint budget committee. Lawmakers and will decide how to use the dollars in the 2014 legislative session.

And a mother-daughter bank robbery duo has been sentenced in federal court in Lake Charles. 58 year old Evie Herron was sentenced to 86 months in prison, and her daughter 31 year old Amelia Darci Crew received 51 months in prison. The mother and daughter held up three banks, including one in Kinder and one in Sulphur.

Those stories...  and Meteorologist Cedric Haynes will have more on the cooler temperatures. The fall weather should last through the weekend, along with some rain. Join us today for Live at Five and 7news at Six.