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Waterfront planner has vision for Cameron Answers

A consultant's vision for the possible future development in Cameron Parish has been unveiled to  Cameron Answers, public officials and business people.
Picture dining on a floating restaurant barge while gazing at a sunset and listening to seagulls in downtown Cameron. There's much potential in Cameron Parish, according to Waterfront Planner Ed Freer of Madison, Wisconsin, who presented his vision of what could be.

"What are the appropriate changes that will sustain this community. And this plan isn't about us today. It's really about the children of the children. So, what is the next generation going to inherit. Is it going to be success? Is it going to be a place to raise a family? Or is it going to be a dead end," asks Freer. He says it's up to the community.

Landowners, business people and those who belong to the Cameron Answers group believe the time is right.

Elray "Newt" Henry is a major land owner who attended the presentation.

"If we can get these LNG plants we're going to have the money to do stuff like this," said Henry.

Annett Pagan is from Winrock International.

"As a tourist the first thing I want to see is a hotel so I can spend the night here," said Pagan.

Hunter Lundy is a member of Cameron Answers who attended the meeting.

"To have a destination resort location that emphasizes the culture of, not just Cameron Parish but the oil industry, the ecology, the wildlife, everything. So, you have that resort and everything else plays off of it. But you've gotta get your anchor tenant," said Lundy.

Laura Leach of Sweetlake Land and Oil is the Chairman of Cameron Answers.

"I definitely think there will be a hotel here eventually. It's going to take a little bit of time.  But  I do know that people would love to come down here and stay. I think that we're going to see some small businesses spring up. We're going to see some redevelopment of homes in the community.  We're going to see a resort area hopefully on Monkey Island and maybe a whole development on Monkey Island," said Leach.

So what's next? Leach predicts with economic development expected they will begin to create a monetary base they can build on to help Cameron Parish grow.

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