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ETX mother upset, says bullying led to her daughter's broken arm


An East Texas mother wants answers after she said her ten-year-old daughter came home from school with a broken wrist last Monday. 

Jennifer Burlingame said her daughter's injury was caused by bullying.

According to Burlingame, this is not the first time her daughter has been bullied by the same pair of students she said she has reported to school officials in the past. 

"She said she got shoved intentionally because a little girl was mad at her and she fell and hurt her wrist," Burlingame said.

Burlingame said another student was mad at her daughter for kicking a ball out of bounds while playing soccer during p.e. at pine tree middle school. Burlingame said her daughter was hesitant to talk about it.
"She was sent to the nurse's office by the p.e. teacher, but the p.e. teacher told her not to tell anybody," Burlingame said.

Burlingame said the teacher told her daughter, "What happens in p.e. stays in p.e."

"I got on the phone right away with the principal who said she knew nothing of it and would investigate it," Burlingame explained.
Burlingame took her daughter to the emergency room where she learned that her daughter's wrist was broken and needed a cast. 
Then, when her daughter went to school the next day, "the gym teacher asked her what the doctor said. She told them and the gym teacher said, 'Well, why did you tell your mother? I thought we had this settled in p.e. the other day.'Then she started asking questions about the e-mail she received from the principal, which my daughter knew nothing of anyhow," Burlingame said.
"It makes me sad to think my daughter sat through school in pain for the rest of the day and not only is she being bullied by another student, but now she is being intimidated by the gym teacher. I really don't feel at peace when I send my daughter off to school every morning," this mother explained. 
Now her daughter, who she said has always loved school, is scared to leave the house.

"She's not wanting to go to school. She's asking me to home school her and she has actually always loved school; she gets good grades, she's a good student," Burlingame said.
Burlingame said she has had a hard time getting answers from the district, so KLTV reached out to school officials on Wednesday and they gave us this statement: 
"We appreciate knowing that this child needs assistance, and will follow specific steps about preventing bullying. We take reports about bullying very seriously and appreciate knowing this information. We regret that communication mistakes occurred and we are working with the student's family to resolve the issues.  Working to improve our practices is an ongoing process,however, it is very important to us that every student feel a sense of safety, and all parents feel that they can work with us for the best outcome and interest of our children. "

After KLTV spoke to Burlingame, and contacted the district on Wednesday, Burlingame said school officials visited her at her home to talk about the situation.

Burlingame said the administrators scheduled a time for her to meet face to face with the p.e. coach, and she said they also asked her not speak to the news about this incident.

Burlingame said that made her even more determined for her story to be told. 

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