Town of Welsh faces budget deficit

Town of Welsh faces budget deficit
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

The Town of Welsh is facing a more than $300,000 deficit.

"We have to do something," said Welsh Alderman Bob Owens. "We're going to get to a point where we're going to start affecting services."

Officials said the Traffic Enforcement Detail is why the town is short.

TED is a program that brings in additional revenues for the town. The program pays police officers overtime to work on I-10.

Officials said this year's budget was partly based with TED in mind. But the program hasn't run in 10 months due to lack of police equipment.

Owens also said money was spent on police equipment for TED, like two new police cars, which were not in this year's budget at all.

"Now we're about ready to start and got the things we need, but we're behind in our money because of that," said Mayor Carolyn Louviere.

And the lack of funds has brought on a sales tax discussion.

"A sales tax to me looks like a way to do it short term," said Owens. "We can do it for a year or two to get out of this and then do away with it."

Sales tax was only discussed as a temporary option. No decision was officially made.

Officials said the town is working hard to reduce this deficit.

"The departments are working with us and once the TED programs get going it'll still take awhile, but we feel like we'll get back on track," said Louviere.

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