CM Farms in Beauregard brings country fun to locals

CM Farms offers family fun in Dry Creek
(Source: CM Farms)
(Source: CM Farms)

BEAUREGARD PARISH, LA (KPLC) - From pig races to barrel train rides, CM Farms has it all.

CM Farms is a real working cattle and sheep farm in Dry Creek in Beauregard Parish. What was once John Broussard Road is now known as CM Farm Road which leads to over 700 acres of land.

Owners Chuck and Jackie Melsheimer knew exactly what they wanted to create with all the space.

"I grew up on a farm," said Jackie. "All of the things that I grew up with were taken for granted and we realized kids don't see this all the time."

She said kids aren't exposed to animals or playing in dirt and the sand so she wanted to give a piece of her past to the public.

"We wanted to give everybody a little piece of what we experience every day," said Jackie.

That's exactly what they did. Chuck said his wife is constantly thinking of new additions to CM farms. He said she thinks of ideas every day and makes it happen.

"It's all my wife's ideas. I call her 'the thinker' and I just execute it," said Chuck.

CM Farms is filled with family-friendly activities including a petting zoo, hay rides, pumpkins for sale and even a tractor ride that tours the entire CM Farms ground. The farm also includes an antique barn where the Melsheimers display historic, real-life pieces from their family history.

Chuck said they even have his great, great, great grandfather's car.

The Melsheimers also invested in a home that was owned by a family member during the Civil War that's over 140 years old.

One of the farm's biggest attractions is their corn maze. It was first planted back in July and now covers up to 12 acres of land and stands up to 12-feet tall. Visitors are allowed maps that include clues to help them reach the end.

Jeron Richard, a CM Farms employee, said people often end up in the wrong end.

"People go in one maze and they'll totally come out in another maze," said Richard. "Like, where did you go?"

The corn maze was helped brought by a third party company and CM Farms are now entering its fifth year.

When asked where they see the farm in 5 years, the Melsheimers said they hope for the best.

"We hope that everything is just bigger and bigger," said Jackie.

For more information on CM Farms, CLICK HERE.

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