LSU defeats Florida, Seth Lewis has the scoop from Death Valley - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana

LSU defeats Florida, Seth Lewis has the scoop from Death Valley

Restoring tradition. For years, the LSU defense has been one of the most feared in the nation. But through 3 SEC games, the Tigers were giving up over 30 points. Well that came to an end Saturday, holding Florida to 2 field goals, in a 17 to 6 victory.

"I think it was something that we needed. Defense hadn't really stepped up to the plate this year, and we came out with a victory there at the end." -Lamin Barrow: LSU Linebacker

And after holding their opponents to only 9 points in the last 6 quarters...the Tigers believe they've found a groove that is reminiscent of years past.

"Two years ago we were sending out a statement to the rest of the world, that LSU defense has it going, and we still have the same defense." -Anthony Johnson: LSU Defensive Tackle

 "It's something that we've always know, we just haven't been able to show it, and I think tonight was a good stop. We just have to move forward and keep building on where we left off"

And while the potent LSU offense didn't put up the numbers that they used to, it was still a statement game against Florida especially for wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ had a pivotal fumble at Florida last year, but his only 2 catches in game to day came at huge times...setting up both LSU touchdowns.

"It's just great to come back and get a W against them after the things that happened last year. I had this one pretty marked on my calendar, and I'm just glad that we came out with a victory."



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