Mayor's Art Awards

Arts and humanties celebrated in Southwest Louisiana

Louisiana has been known for having many talented people in arts and Southwest Louisiana is no exception that. Tonight many in SWLA are were honored at the 15th annual Mayor's Arts Awards.

People from all over gathered to show their appreciation for those who have created, given back to and supported the arts throughout southwest Louisiana.

but many of the artists are just happy to do what they love as they try to give back to the community of Southwest Louisiana.

Artist of the year (Photographer) Lindsey Janies says:"You know I've always tried to give back as much as I could and it's so neat here in Southwest Louisiana how it's so very well appreciated by everybody and used. To me it's just all about communicating who we are and what we're about here in Southwest Louisiana to everybody and that's what I try to do."

Winners from the Mayor of Arts Awards

Artist of the year - Lindsey Janies

Citizen of the arts - Lady Holly Hathaway Kaough

Citizen of the humanities - Rick & Donna Richard

Arts Educator of the year - Susan Rodgers

Organization of the year -  Common Ground

Patron of the year - George Swift

Keystone award - Debbie Howrey & Lisa Schram