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Madisonville conservative plans to challenge Landrieu in Senate race

Rob Maness Rob Maness

A Madisonville conservative plans to challenge Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., for one of the state's Senate seats.

Rob Maness, a Republican, is running for Senate in 2014.

On Thursday, he spoke with KPLC about why he wants to run and what sets him apart from others.

"Big thing that sets me apart is that I'm a non-politician, but I am a leader and I have been a leader in our country for 32 and a half years. I'm experienced with all levels of government. I've worked with elected officials from the city level and county level and parish level to the national federal government, doing various things like pushing budgets through," Maness said.

Maness also spoke about the first thing he would make his priority, if elected.

"The signature healthcare act of this president is going to be the biggest hamper to creating jobs by small businesses that's ever been inflicted on the American people. That's why it's our number one priority to remove that law and make sure that small businesses aren't hampered from creating jobs," Maness said.

Bill Cassidy is another Republican who has declared his intention to run for Landrieu's Senate seat.

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