Hometown Patriot - Theodore Armelin

Theodore Armelin began his military career in 1943 and wound up in the Pacific as an Army stevedore. He would unload supply ships offshore and transport the goods to the island of Saipan. With troops fighting the Japanese on the island, it wasn't always safe.

"The Japanese were up on the hill cutting loose on us with a machine gun," recalled Armelin. "The bullet passed between me and the guy. The bullet passed right behind us. Didn't hit nary a one of us."

Armelin says he and his crew kept the troops well supplied ...

"We unloaded supplies, beer, equipment, bombs, dynamite. Everything," he said.

Armelin says a special treat was when fresh meat was delivered to the island.

"The beef was in four quarters. The two hinds and the two fronts. We would bring that to camp.  Because all we were eating was can food over there. But when we got the chance to get some fresh food, man, we got our stuff," he said.

Armelin continued his government service after the war, working for the postal service until his retirement.

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