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Soldier dad surprises son at F.K. White Middle School

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A 6th grader at F.K. White Middle School in Lake Charles got the surprise of his life Tuesday when, at long last, his soldier father came home.

Detrick Romas was in PE class while those hoping to pull off the surprise waited patiently.

"This is a unique experience. It's something we've never experienced in our community, so we're excited for this young man to see his reaction but also, to see how the other children react to this young man having his father come home to surprise him," said Christopher Fontenot, F.K. White principal.

Minutes later, Detrick's dad, Army Captain Kin Romas, arrives.

The 12-year-old boy ran into his arms.

"You're taller than me now," said Romas, laughing while his young son stood firm, determined to keep his composure in front of the other boys in his class.

Detrick hasn't had his dad home for about 10 months. Romas has been in Afghanistan and Kuwait and admits the hardest part is being away from family.

"I knew he was going to be subdued with all his buddies, but I just wanted to make his day. I could have just come in but I wanted to make his day. Surprise him, coming in to see him," said Romas.

Detrick is happy and relieved.

"I didn't know it was going to happen. I thought I was dreaming," he said in his soft spoken voice.

The 6th grader said it's been hard to wait.

"Exhausting that I had to wait for him to come," said Detrick.

Romas' wife and mom were also there celebrating his long awaited return.

"Being like on pins and needles, not knowing whether he's safe or if he was alright. He'll tell me he's alright but it's nothing like seeing him for yourself," said his mother, Marie.

She offered words of encouragement for others still waiting.

"Keep the faith and hold on. It's not over until God says it's over," said Marie.

Romas lingered a bit to answer questions from his son's classmates. He urged them to focus on school and strive to reach their potential.

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