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McNeese Chris Loveless and Everett Ellefsen's brother-like bond

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Two defensive ends. Both over 6 feet tall. Both with similar game patterns. And blue jerseys and gold helmets makes it hard to tell between the two.

"A lot of times we will be watching film and coach will be yelling at me.. Or he will be yelling at Everett" -Chris Loveless

"A lot of players actually do. They'll call me Loveless and stuff, and I'll just give them a look, like, we don't look that much alike." -Everett Ellefsen

So how can you pick each one out?

"One distinctive thing about us is, I have a neck roll, it's a cowboy collar." -Loveless

Now there must be some differences between how the two defensive ends play.

"I can catch myself thinking a lot sometimes, and watching plays develop, where he just sits with his head down, and he just gets after it and works both ways." - Ellefsen

But the chemistry you see on the field, also continues off the field. Ellefsen and Loveless get together outside of football and have a brother-like bond.

"We we're supposed to go fishing yesterday and I kinda flaked out on him, and I am the one who invited him." -Loveless

They even have nicknames for each other.

"Everett has a few nick-names. He's Easy E, or E, Peanut." -Loveless

"Peanut is a nick-name that has stuck with me for awhile. I'm probably one of the defensive lineman in the NCAA to wear a size Medium helmet. Once they finally caught on I think that it finally stuck very well with them." -Ellefsen

"I'm Doctor Love." -Loveless

And that close relationship helps their game on the field.

"When they first came and I didn't know it, they were playing and it was more like we wanted to beat each other. But now that we're friends, we encourage it." -Loveless


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