Louisiana Traveler - Duck Commander hosts local family

Two Southwest Louisiana natives got the surprise of their lives recently, when they were invited for Sunday lunch at the home of the Duck Commander in West Monroe.

Jason and Heather Webb are currently stationed at Malstrom Air Force Base in Montana, guarding a nuclear missile base.

Jason is from Sulphur and Heather grew up in Moss Bluff. On their way back to SWLA for a much needed vacation, they decided on a side trip to West Monroe to see the Duck Commander headquarters of Duck Dynasty fame.

Imagine their shock when they were invited to attend church with some of the Robertson family themselves.

"We ended up getting baptized there and we wanted to do it for our children," said Heather. "We have two young children, ages 5 and 1. We wanted to be a more spiritual family. That was the perfect place for it to happen."

"Jase put on his hunting waders and he did it for us," said Jason. "After talking to us and hearing stories about the military, they offered for us to go eat lunch with them and spend the rest of the day at their house."

Jason told Phil that his first book was such an inspiration that Phil autographed it. He also found a patriotic duck call and autographed that, too.

Heather said the Robertsons were very down-home.

"Just going to your relatives house and hanging out," said Heather. "What you see on TV they portray is who they are. It's not pretend. It's how they are. We walked in their house, we took off our shoes. We hung out. We had our Bible study with them. It was amazing."

"The TV, the fame. Everything was set aside," said Jason. "He made us feel so welcome. You forgot they're celebrities."

The Webbs say they can now cross this fantastic event off their bucket list.

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