Beaver bounty to be discussed at Beauregard meeting tonight

Good Tuesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here in the KPLC 7Newsroom with a look at what's ahead on today's Sunrise:

*Beavers have been busy in Beauregard Parish, causing headaches for property owners.  So is the solution a bounty on beavers?  That will be discussed at the Beauregard Police Jury meeting tonight.

*The expected industrial boom should bring plenty of new jobs to the Lake area, but some people feel there is a stigma associated with getting a technical degree.  Find out what Louisiana's Superintendent of Education is doing to change that mindset.

*The just-released movie, "Gravity," topped the box office over the weekend.  Some that went to see it are wondering just how close to reality this movie could be?  Hear from real astronauts this morning in an interesting interview.

*A rare and life-threatening disease is making life for a Jennings three-year-old unimaginably difficult.  Joel Belt has pulmonary hypertension, a cureless, typically hopeless disease.  In this morning's Healthcast, you'll hear how Joel's family is fighting for a cure and how you can help.

*Tropical Storm Karen brought neither wind nor rain, but it did wash up tar balls.  Coast Guard officials in Grand Isle identified the tar balls as being residual material from the 2010 oil spill.

Make it a Sunrise day!