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Beauregard Parish considers putting bounty on beavers

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Deep in the heart of Beauregard Parish, where the creeks run wild -- so do beavers.

"They work pretty quick at building their dams," Keith Stout said.

Stout said the beavers and their dams have been an ongoing problem on his property in Ragley. Last week's rains knocked one dam down, only to be built back up two days later.

"They've actually added more to it last night as the water comes over they build it up higher each time to stop the water. Once they build it up say a foot, the water rises a foot and starts coming over - they'll then build it up another foot," Stout said.

The big toothed, furry critters are very resourceful, eating and using just about anything to build their dams. According to Stout, the dams and all that goes into them also contributes to flooding in the area.

"When we get a heavy rain I usually have to go check the culverts on the road. I then have to call the parish and they have to come dig it out because it's all the sticks and the limbs and whatever else they put in there that plugs up the culverts," explained Stout.

The problem is so widespread in Beauregard Parish that the Police Jury is considering adopting an ordinance that would not only encourage hunting the beavers, but put a bounty on their heads.

Stout knows first hand it will help. After he discovered a larger dam on his property, he took matters into his own hands.

"During the drought, the creek was almost overflowing. Come to find out we had an even larger dam about 12-feet wide and the water difference was nearly 4-feet on one side. It took us a day to dig that out. After that I started trapping and coming out here at night and hunting them," said Stout. "My nephew and I came out here one night and found four beavers working on this one dam." 

While the parish initiative may not stop the problem, Stout believes it's a step in the right direction.

"You are not going to totally get rid of them, but you are going to slow them down enough to where the problem isn't as bad as it is now," said Stout.

Officials with the Beauregard Parish Police Jury said they are working with Wildlife and Fisheries and other parishes who have a similar ordinance. They plan to discuss the issue at Tuesday's meeting at 6 p.m.

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