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Democratic political commentator James Carville visits LC

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James Carville is one of America's best known political consultants and a major player in the Democratic party.

Carville was in Lake Charles over the weekend and gave us his take on some of the hot button issues in our state and nation right now.

Carville was in Lake Charles for a banquet honoring longtime Democrats Jim and Marilyn Cox for lifetime achievement. 

In a brief interview he touched on various issues -- such as the government shutdown. Carville says he's absolutely befuddled at the rationale behind it.

"The Republicans wanted to shut the government down, now they've shut it down. And we'll have to see where they go from there. The President and the Democrats are very clear that the Affordable Care Act was the law and it was going to remain the law. So, it'll be interesting but I suspect like most of these things it'll get solved at some point. I just don't know when," said Carville.

He predicts the Affordable Care Act will eventually work fine.

"I think the premiums have come in lower than people expect. By every imagination it's saving money on the deficit. More people will be covered and it will cost less money," said Carville.
Concerning the debt limit, he is hopeful there will be no default.

"I hope that doesn't happen because the consequences of that would be, some people think that would be catastrophic. I don't know because nobody has been stupid enough to try it, but with this crowd up there, we don't know," said Carville.

He expects Hillary Clinton to be the party's nominee for 2016.

"I think it will be Mrs. Clinton and I will obviously be supportive and help raise money and campaign for her and everything, but politics, you gotta wait and see. It's a long time between now and 2016," said Carville.

And how does such a liberal Democrat stay married to Republican Mary Matalin?

"Well, it'll be 20 years Thanksgiving, so we'll see.  So far, so good," he said.

Carville's speech had the feel of a campaign rally to gear up Calcasieu Democrats for upcoming races including governor and president -- but the priority, he says, is to re-elect senator Mary Landrieu.

He likened what lies ahead to making a gumbo and he said, the first step is to make a roux.

Governor Edwin Edwards also stopped by the Blue Krewe banquet at Treasures of Marilyn. Edwards was accompanied by his wife, Trina, and their infant son, Eli.

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