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Trent Johnson and the Sam Houston Broncos

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That's the sound you'll hear on a Friday night at Sam Houston High School. Simply known as 'The Trailer,' this unique noise making mechanism was created by Randy Johnson.

"We wanna show the guys our support and we want to make the noise and show them that we're all about their program and coach Vaughn Eggleston and his staff."

And his son Trent says the trailer is what this school is now known for.

"I really didn't think too much of it when we got it. It was just a plain white trailer, and we actually started working on it and getting the wrap around. And when we finally brought it from our house, everybody was taking pictures, everybody wanted to take a picture by it and stand by it and everything like that."

But, this trailer has more meaning behind it. The picture on the back was taken on Trent during his sophomore year after returning from six months off due to surgery on his brain.

"Trent was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in his freshman year, and from the start he was dedicated to getting thought it, making a pass at it, and getting back in the program."

And it was his coaches, and team mates, who got him through the difficult process.

"Most cases you always look for support in high school and everything like that, and they just got the team together. And they actually, the team itself, formed a group and they all came to see me in the hospital."

"I know it had to be encouraging to him, you know anytime your team rallies around you like that and prays for you, and I just think he had to be encouraged and loved."

Trent has since graduated from Sam Houston, after being named captain of the football team his senior year, and comes back every weekend to support the Broncos.

"Trent and his dad and mom have just been nothing but support, even when Trent was playing."

"They were all so behind me and you know that's just a way to pay my respect, to come back and support them 100 percent."



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