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Allen Parish ordinance strengthens laws against solicitors


Everyone has fallen victim to salespeople showing up at the front door adamant to sell any and everything. Now, officials in Allen Parish have passed a new ordinance that will strengthen the laws against door-to-door solicitors.  

"We just want a tool that law enforcement can use when we have people coming in that may be doing something on the shady side," said Allen Parish Chief Deputy Ricky Johnson.

"If a person wants you off their property, you need to leave," Johnson added. 

The new Allen Parish ordinance makes it a misdemeanor offense for a person to go door-to-door selling items without the necessary permits provided by the Police Jury. 

Johnson said the Sheriff's Office has received several complaints in the past year and he said the complaints are coming mostly from elderly people who those annoying salespeople may see as being more vulnerable targets.  

"If they're not interested and they tell someone, 'Hey we're not interested,' and at that point in time, the person keeps going on and on ... by this ordinance they're pretty much trespassing at that point," Johnson said. 
The new ordinance won't affect legitimate organizations who fundraise like church groups, scouting organizations and those with Police Jury permits. 

"It's just sales people that come from mostly out of the parish, they go around and go door-to-door and pretty much harass people," Johnson said.  

Similar ordinances are in effect in Cameron, Calcasieu and Beauregard Parish.  

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