Second Annual Lake Charles Film Festival

The ever growing Lake Charles film scene has prompted the 2nd annual lake Charles film festival. Actors, filmmakers and fans alike are here this weekend to celebrate film and to learn from each other.

Festival Director Patrick Bennet says: "We started the film festival, because we kind of wanted to help create a strong independent film community here in lake Charles and people that wanted to make a film or people already making films we wanted to give them workshops and seminars and to help them better their skill or to learn how to get started."

Festival goers were treated to a screening of 45 independent films from across the country and from overseas. everything from music videos to documentaries and everything in between; there's something for everyone.

Festival goer and filmmaker Tyler Walker found plenty to get excited about at the festival. Tyler said: "So far all the different short films. I have a very small attention span, so these short films are great. they're about ten minutes long, we've seen eight of them so far. So, those have been really fun. we're in that category too. so, it's nice seeing other short films."

So, whether they're watching them or making them  the passion for film is very much alive and well in southwest Louisiana.

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