2013 Sulphur's Smokin' on the Grove

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - The first annual Sulphur BBQ cook-off was held Saturday.

Professional cooks competed for the best chicken, ribs and brisket.

It's been a few years in the making, but was well worth the wait.

"So far, it's going great. And I'll tell you that I'm also cooking for the public, too, and the lines going almost out to the bandstand. So, we're feeding a lot of people today and it's going to a good cause, it's going to the American Cancer Society," explained BBQ coordinator Grant Bush.

The first annual Smokin' on the Grove took place in Sulphur on Saturday as 15 professional cooks whipped up their best version of BBQ chicken, ribs and brisket.

And some of the cooks traveled from afar, even bringing their RVs while they prepared for the cook off.

Although no secret recipes were shared, cooks did explain the preparation.

"I got here last night probably about 5:30, drove in from Baton Rouge," said Tiger Crew BBQ's Brian Boudreaux.

"Typically, I brine the bird overnight which is just a salt sugar water solution to help bring moisture into it," said Clint Guillory of Consistently Random BBQ.

Tee Wayne Abshire of Tee Wayne's Smoking Lips said, "We're trying a new recipe on brisket today that we've experimented with last couple of weeks and this will be our first shot with this brisket."

"The night before though we season things or let things brine or inject and start cooking about 5 o'clock and turn it in around 12, 1 and 2 and then hope for the best," said Rhonda Titus of Road Toad's Smoke "N" BBQ.

But in the judge's corner, there wasn't a whole lot of talking going on. Judges based their scores on aroma, color, texture and of course, taste.

"It's on a scale of 1 to 10 -- 10 if they like it a lot and 1 if they want to spit it out," explained Head Judge Andy Hollerman.

And while most of the focus centered on BBQ, plenty of entertainment was around for the family.

"Next year, we plan on moving it to the West Cal event center so we can have a lot more room for more BBQ'ers," said Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan.

Also next year, amateurs will be allowed to compete along with the pros.

2013 Smokin' on the Grove winners:

Grand Champion: Dennis May

Reserve Grand Champion: Tee Wayne Abshire

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