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Moving day at LC City Court and Marshal's Office


It may sound trite, but it's true. Moving into a new Lake Charles City Courthouse is truly a dream come true for employees who've been working in overcrowded, old facilities for years. Friday was moving day.

Facilities at Lake Charles City Court have been old and overly crowded for a long time. So, employees are happy to be boxing up the files, books and everything else to move to the new courthouse on Mill Street.

Joanne Law is the manager for the Lake Charles City Prosecutor's Office.

"Oh, it's wonderful we've got pretty much everything boxed up and ready to go, the movers will be here in the morning. And we will open business Monday morning at the new location," said Law.

Even though moving is a big job, employees who have worked here for years are look forward to the new facilities.

"It's going to be so clean and so new. We're all looking forward to it," said Law.

 Judge Tommy Quirk says it's kind of strange to be leaving the familiar surroundings. 

"The next time we experience state court, it'll be in the new building. The next time we have anything to do with civil papers it'll be in the new building," said Quirk. Yet, "We're looking forward to it," said the chief judge.

Judge John Hood recessed court for the last time old building, saying:

"I want to thank my staff and the bailiffs from the marshal's office for all the years of service that we've done in this old building and look forward to the next one. Court will be at recess," said Hood.

The new city court is a long time coming, really long in coming. Just ask attorney Cliff Newman who was on the Lake Charles City Council in the seventies.

"'74 TO '78 I was on the city council. There were discussions then in the 70's that we had to do something with city court. And finally we're in the year 2013 and, Amen, we're getting it," said Newman.

Marshal Joey Alcede said the new building is a major step up.

"We're happy but we're also relieved because security was so insufficient and we're just fortunate that no serious incidents took place during that time," said Alcede.

The new courthouse layout was designed with the public in mind to improve convenience and efficiency.

The City Court and Marshal's Office plan to be open for business at the new location on Monday -- though it might not quite be business as usual since they'll probably be unpacking.

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