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St. Louis head football coach Mike Johns retires

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48 years. That's how long Mike Johns has been a head football coach. And when you've been doing what you love for almost half a century, legendary is barely fitting for a proper description.

"Coach Johns has probably one of the best reputations in the entire state, and when you have been doing it as long as he has, and for no one to ever say anything bad about you, everything that they say about you is good, you have to be a special person to have that kind of respect around the state." -Jason Oertling, Athletic Director

This past spring, Coach Johns was diagnosed with throat cancer for the third time, causing doctors to surgically remove his vocal cords.

"They had to remove the voice box, and now he breathes in and out of his neck." -Tommy Johns, Son and Assistant Head Coach

It was a hard, but necessary decision to retire from his position.

"It's been a bit of a struggle to communicate. So that's one of the main reasons, we as a family, and more importantly, he, decided that it was time to step down." -Tommy Johns

Coach Johns has 160 total wins, more than 40 of his players going to play the collegiate level, and two to the NFL. He must be replaced, but his mark will never be erased.

"There's two types of coaches, those where coaching's a job, and there's coaching where coaching is their life, and coaching is definitely Coach Johns' life." -Jason Oertling

by Rebecca Cade


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