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Local doctor's office vandalized

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For nearly two decades, internal medicine doctor Anand Roy has worked out of his East Bayou Pines Drive office location. In those nearly 20 years, he's never had a problem -- until recently. His office has been broken into and vandalized four times over the past three months.  

"I'm here to provide a service to the community and not get involved with these types of issues," Roy said.

In photographs from the first incident, you can see broken windows, damaged equipment and a gigantic oak desk toppled. It's damage Roy estimates to be valued at over $30,000.

"Monday morning, when I come I have a busy practice and in the middle of the patients we have to stop and call the police department and get involved with the cleanup and reporting with the police which is unnecessary," said Roy.

Three other incidents saw damage to the security system and a trashed kitchen area. Each time, Roy filed reports with the Lake Charles Police Department. They confirm those reports but say all of those reports have been closed because of a lack of leads or information.

After the fourth incident, Roy installed security cameras. Two hours after installing them, the cameras picked up someone tinkering with his water hose. Roy thinks questioning that person may be a start.

"Interviewing and reviewing this kid and confronting this kid we might open up the whole Pandora of this group of people," he said.

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