Gulf disturbance gets better organized but not expected to threaten SWLA

The latest Gulf disturbance continued to get better organized Wednesday afternoon.

It's an area of disturbed weather in the northwestern Caribbean.

There is deep convection developing around the center of the system.

This system will be moving into the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days.

It looks like a good candidate for our next named tropical system.

The Weather Service reports that per the National Hurricane Center, the system now has a 70 percent chance of developing into a tropical cyclone in the next two days.

Most scenarios show the system potentially becoming a tropical storm, but not a hurricane.

The system is expected to move into the southern Gulf of Mexico on Thursday, and move north-northwest toward Louisiana.

Stronger upper level winds are expected to limit development of this system as it approaches the northern Gulf coast this weekend.

A cold front is expected to help steer it toward southeast Louisiana

Hurricane hunters are currently investigating the system.

We'll have more on what they find as the information becomes available.

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