Slimy, hot pink giant snail eggs toxic concern in some Louisiana waterways

(Source: WDSU)
(Source: WDSU)
(Source: WDSU)
(Source: WDSU)

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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

Mysterious, bubble-gum pink clusters are rapidly invading waterways outside of New Orleans.  They are the eggs of fist-sized snails which carry a serious toxin. Can anything be done to stop this growing problem?

Horrors of a different kind are cause for serious concern in China, and now some parts of the U.S.   Giant hornets so big they appear to be something from a sci-fi movie!

Also today, a case of road rage gone too far. A man pulls a gun and points it towards another driver! More on this shocking video and we'll find out whether police caught the guy.

And more rage on the roadway as we show you another terrifying episode caught on tape. Police say a man driving with his wife and two year old daughter is chased and surrounded by a group of motorcyclists. As he tries to get away, one man is dragged underneath his SUV, and later the driver is pulled out and assaulted!

Plus, dubbed the "Flying Fortress", it's massive frame belies the space inside. Now one of the last remaining B-17 bombers will be used to keep a piece of World War II history alive.

In weather, Ben says expect a glimpse of sunshine along with thickening clouds through the day.  High temperatures will climb into the 80's ahead of the rain. The 7Stormteam is closely watching an area of disturbed weather east of the Yucatan Peninsula. How will an approaching cold front affect that storm? Find out during Ben's live, local forecast at noon, and you can view our interactive radar online HERE.

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