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After 15 years, Chennault International Airshow makes comeback

(Source: Jimmie Grundy) (Source: Jimmie Grundy)
(Source: Jimmie Grundy) (Source: Jimmie Grundy)
(Source: Jimmie Grundy) (Source: Jimmie Grundy)
(Source: Jimmie Grundy) (Source: Jimmie Grundy)

Over 10,000 spectators made their way to the Chennault International Airshow on Saturday.

The big turnout may have officials considering the option of turning it into an annual event.

It's actually been 15 years since the show was here. But thanks to public demand, officials brought it back.

"We went ahead and said ok, we get the point let's go ahead and do this, so we've been planning for a year," said Megan McLellan, Chennault International Airshow Director.

The line-up included professional pilots from across the nation.

"We do have some Louisiana connections which is really fun but I have pilots from Indiana, Hawaii, California, Florida," said McLellan.

Six groups even made it from Canada.

"So, we're quite a ways from home, but the hospitality down here's been awesome," said Patrick Pollen, pilot of the CF-18 Hornet.

As one of the headliners of the show, Captain Patrick Pollen said they have quite a few tricks to show off.

"We do 11 different maneuvers in the 18 minute performance. Everything from a high speed pass with the CF-18 will zip by at just under 800 miles per hour. So, if that doesn't blow your hair back there's not a lot that will," said Pollen.

New the area, James Rivenbark, was enjoying the show, "It's well organized and very interesting to see all the planes out there."

"We're very excited because we've already been invited back for next year which is awesome," said owner of Flash Fire Jet Trucks, Neal Darnell.

But besides the actual air show there was plenty to do for the entire family. An entire exhibit was sponsored by McDonalds, set up just for kids.

"We have a great lineup, something for everyone and we're so happy to have this here today. It's just very, very nice to have this in Lake Charles, in our sky, at our airport," said McLellan.

The Chennault International Airshow is an all volunteer-run organization.

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