Substitute teacher pay too low?

Substitute teacher pay too low?

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Substitute pay took up most of the discussion on Tuesday at the Calcasieu Parish School Board's budget/finance management committee meeting.

Historically, the School Board has paid substitute teachers based on a daily rate -- $80 if they were certified, $65 if they had a degree, or $58 if they were non-degreed.

The new 2013-2014 schedule keeps those rates, but they put a cap on the pay for long-term subs.

But two principals spoke up at the meeting, saying they're afraid they're going to lose quality long-term substitute teachers.

"Right now, I have five long-term subs in my building and they're going to finish their long-term commitment. Two of my certified people say they're not coming back - it's not worth the money that they're going to receive now. And three of my degreed people are not going to come back," said S.J. Welsh Principal Bobby Jack Thompson.

Barbe High School Principal Beth Fraser said, "You can get a warm body in there but to get quality as Mr. Thompson said, that's much more difficult."

Substitute teachers with a certificate are paid $80 a day for 10 consecutive days. On the 11th day, they'll receive $214.

Teachers without a certificate are paid $65 a day for 10 days and then bump up to $100.

But teachers who are non-degreed receive $58 a day no matter how long they're subbing.

"A paraprofessional makes $56.50 a day. A teacher without a degree makes $1.50 more, even though they're taking care of all the students and fulfilling all of those duties," said Fraser.

Following the comments, the board went back and forth on a number of motions and amendments before they finally agreed to send it back to committee for further consideration.

Board members say they hope the principals will join them in talks that will help all sides involved.

The board's administrative and personnel committee met immediately after. One of their hot topics of the night was cafeteria food.

Principal Fraser says her students aren't eating the school food and suggested a partnership with entities like Dominos or Subway.

But Assistant Superintendent Gary Anderson said that's not really feasible within our district because of the number of schools.

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