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Game of the Week, West Monroe @ Barbe

Barbe takes on West Monroe, a team who came wanting revenge. 

Kennon Fontenot looks, but he is going to take it home, except no he isn't, the refs call him just shy of the Touchdown.

Now, Fontenot is going to hand it off to Colby Conner for the touchdown. Bucs 7-0

It's the second quarter, 

Bucs again. Fontenot is quite the runner tonight, he takes is yards and yards down the field, this play will lead to a Bucs touchdown

Now the Rebels turn.. Number 18 is going to take it all the way into the end zone. Its a West Monroe touchdown.
Bucs still up 14-7

Barbe's turn again before the half, Fontenot passes to Trey Quinn for a Bucs touchdown.. 

Barbe wins 27 to 19


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