Carlyss fire department receives training props

Carlyss fire department receives training props

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The Carlyss Fire Department received new props to help them with fire education. Rain CII made the donation which they say will help businesses throughout the area.

In the event of a real fire, would you know how to work a fire extinguisher? Carlyss Fire Chief James Stanley is starting a new program to make sure that answer is a yes.

Stanley said oftentimes children learn about fire education, but it's the adults who don't know how to put out a fire.

"We spend most of our time training kids on fire safety, getting out alive and all that. But we found a need for the businesses in the district. All of them are required to have fire extinguishers, but how many of them have employees that are trained to use them?" asked Stanley.

By offering a training service to businesses, Stanley said it saves on the wear and tear of firefighters responding and could potentially save buildings.

"In the event of a fire, the early stages of a fire, the quicker you can get an extinguisher on it, it saves the property. Because if you have to wait for the fire department to get there, it's usually 5 to 7 minutes later and by that time, the fire can engulf most of the building," explained Stanley.

The training kit was donated to them by a local plant.

"At Rain CII, we do the same thing. We like to support the local schools and as a part of that to help them out we decided we would buy the complete package for them," said Rain CII Plant Manager David Rhoden.

The package includes extinguishers and other props that simulate trash can fires, electrical fires and more.

Plus, once the program kicks off, businesses will be able to hang a certificate up for their efforts, "showing they have completed basic fire extinguisher training for them to either put up in their business or however they want to display it," said Stanley.

Businesses interested in the fire extinguisher training program, which kicks off in November, can call 337-583-2365 to schedule an appointment.

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