7 Teen Report: Lack of sleep can affect teens at school

By Mason Veillon

To many people, the sound of the alarm is the worst sound in the world. Teens hate it because it means it's time for school.

Lack of sleep can affect the school and social lives of teens like Saint Louis junior David White.

David said, "I'm sleepy. I slur my words. I can't think. Of course, I sleep in class."

Henry Abrahams also falls asleep in class. Henry said, "Yes, I do sometimes. It's hard not to."

So, why do some students not get enough sleep?

Henry said, "Because I have school and a job."

Sierra Maust said, "Most students don't get enough sleep because they stay up late doing homework."

Henry said, "I think it's just life."

Sleep is important to teens.

Victoria Primeaux said, "It gives us the energy we need to carry on the next day."

Sleep deprivation can be harmful to students.

Sleep specialist, Boyace Harlan, said teens need more sleep than adults and staying up late can affect memory and cognitive function.

Harlan said, "It can cause decrease in performance and alertness. It will make you stressed out and irritable. It can also cause a driving accident."

What can teens do to resolve this?

Other than a good sleeping routine, teens can eat a snack before bed, take a hot shower, or keep their room quite.

All these can help teens get a better night's sleep.

According to the Mayor Clinic, teens need about nine hours of sleep or more each night.

But a recent study in the Journal of School Health showed more than 90 percent of teens sleep less than the recommended amount.

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