Amazing video enables you to fly with an eagle!

(Source: YouTube/Srachi)
(Source: YouTube/Srachi)

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Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

In the wake of the deadly shootings at the Washington Navy Yard, how has this affected security measures at a place like Fort Polk? KPLC's Gerron Jordan is there to find out.

New developments in the case of Jason Reeves. Reeves is on death row for kidnapping, raping and murdering 4-year-old Mary Jean Thigpen, of Moss Bluff, back in 2001. He's trying to get a new trial and today's news deals with his quest for an out-of-state attorney.

Also today, it's the deadliest kind of stroke – one in which a blood vessel bursts deep in the brain.  Now doctors have developed a minimally invasive way of treating this stroke, and saving lives.

Plus, laughter and love and a real-life, life-long commitment. We'll meet a couple married for 74 years and still going strong.

In weather, Ben says we start out sunny, but look for the clouds to begin rolling in with a few widely scattered showers possible. Friday, however, could be quite wet. Just what can we expect?  Well tune in at noon for Ben's live, local forecast for the answer, and remember you can always check HERE for updates throughout the day and evening.

And we'll share some incredible video that allows you to fly like an eagle! It's a tiny camera attached to the majestic bird, and trust me, many of you will want to watch it all day! We'll share some of it at noon, and you can watch it HERE as well.

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