Hometown Patriot - Jack Daniels

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Having served from World War II all the way to Vietnam, Jack Daniels knows a few things about war. He was stationed in Austria in the years after World War II and remembers how bad off the people were.

"After four or five or six years of war, they had barely enough to eat," said Daniels. "There was no agriculture going on during the war. Very few stores of any kind were open. A bakery here and there."

You may recognize Jack Daniels' name and not from the drink. He's written several letters to the editor and he's been published in World War II History magazine. From Shreveport to Alexandria to Lake Charles, Jack's letter get attention.

"A lot of times people will stop me and thank me for it or say they saw my letter. I know when you put your name out there, they're going to be both ways. I understand that and accept that. But most of them are favorable," he said.

Daniels said his military career taught him a lot about life.

"I learned a lot about people. I was stationed in five countries, Vietnam twice. People are all the same as we are. They just want a decent job, a home, family," he said.

Daniels is a Purple Heart recipient. He was able to get Gov. Mike Foster to designate U.S. Hwy. 171 from Shreveport to Lake Charles as the "Purple Heart Highway."

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