LA boy survives H1N1, gets kidney from mom

A Central Louisiana boy is finally home after getting a life-saving kidney transplant from his mother.

"Lil Boo" Maddox's health problems started with a diagnosis of H1N1 four years ago, followed by complications that nearly took his life.

Nine-year-old Alexandria native, "Lil Boo" Maddox, contracted H1N1, or swine flu, during the outbreak in 2009 that sickened more than 2,000 people in Louisiana, killing 48.

In the nearly 500 days boo spent in Children's Hospital in New Orleans, he had 10 surgeries, internal bleeding, a near fatal lung infection and kidney failure before being transferred to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr. Mikel Prieto is the surgical director of kidney and pancreas transplant at Mayo Clinic. He handled Boo's case and explains how the extensive complications made his health incredibly fragile.

"He was left with a series of medical issues, which included basically that he had damaged his kidneys irreversibly. Since then he has been on dialysis," Prieto said.

The days piled on in the hospital, said Boo's father, Robert. "Three years and 10 months in the hospital."

Doctors told Boo he needed a new kidney. His mother, Renee, was a perfect match. She gave her kidney to Boo in July and the pair is doing great today.

"I was up and walking the first day," she said, "and I got to go see him in ICU and now it's just taking care of him and resting and not lifting for a couple more weeks."

Boo no longer has to be on dialysis and can finally eat what he wants - which is a Louisiana treat he did not have much in Minnesota. "Red beans," he said, "red beans and rice."

After nearly four years in the hospital, Boo still has some obstacles to overcome. "I think the challenges are just rehabbing his muscles and getting back to normal life."

It is a life Boo cannot wait to get back to at home, thanks to the prayers of his community and skills of the doctors in Minnesota and New Orleans. "Thank you. God bless y'all," said Boo.

Boo is heading to Children's Hospital in New Orleans Wednesday for a check up on his kidneys. He is hoping to go back to school next year, but is being homeschooled as he recovers.

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