Fake 'twerking' story has DeQuincy in headlines ... again

WEB EXTRA: DeQuincy mayor addresses fake 'twerking' story
(Source: The National Report)
(Source: The National Report)
DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan
DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan

DEQUINCY, LA (KPLC) - Another fake news story has DeQuincy in the headlines.

"The National Report," a spoof-news website, which issued a report last month about children given guns in DeQuincy, is reporting that the town has banned "twerking." There is also a bogus news release circulating on the "ban."

DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan said the false report led to a storm of phone calls. The story is being shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Henagan said he has even received texts from residents, asking if the story was real.

"We really have a lot of other things to worry about than twerking," he said.

The story quotes the town's mayor as "Maynard Wilkens" who says "twerking" is a "defiant act against Jesus and his teachings ..."

Henagan said he doesn't know a "Maynard Wilkens." He also doesn't know a "Sheriff Bobby Joe Williams," quoted in the article as Sheriff of Calcasieu Parish.

"You can read through this and see it's a bunch of baloney," Henagan said.

He said this is the third time the online publication has targeted the town with a false report. The first was on the supposed ban of Korean residents in the town.

Henagan said he has been in touch with Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John DeRosier to see if it's possible to find the source of the articles.

"To see if we can find out who is doing it and if it is legal to prosecute someone," Henagan said. "We laughed about it a couple of times but enough is enough."

Henagan said he didn't know what twerking was exactly until today.

"My stand on twerking? Whether I think it's appropriate or not, it's really not my business," he said.

Henagan added that mayors do not have the authority to ban certain actions. He said there are laws that officials follow to enact prohibitions and those involve council votes and advertised public hearings.

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